COVID-19 To all our customers

Dear Customers,

with your help and your trust we have established ourselves on the world market for the quality and innovation of our products. We equipped and organized ourselves to deal with any eventuality and any request, but nothing could prepare us for what is happening in Italy and in the world.

However, we want to affirm strongly that Linz Electric is there! And it resists continuing its activities every day!

Even the latest decrees of the Italian government, to contain the coronavirus epidemic, have recognized the strategic need of our products, thus allowing us to keep our plants open and operational.

Linz Electric has always been the standard-bearer of the real "Made in Italy" and this implies responsibility, because, for us, "Made in Italy" is not only synonymous of quality, style and design but above all of seriousness, reliability and when necessary, as right now, of sacrifice.

Like the healthcare personnel who are paying a heavy tribute for the common good these days, we too leave our homes and families every morning to continue our work and make our products and our energy available for you.

We are sure that, with your trust and your collaboration, we will be able to win this battle too, together, as we have always been, we will be stronger than the virus and ... everything will be fine!