Manufacturer of alternators and rotating machines

Linz Electric, specializing in the production of alternators and rotating machines, was founded in 2002 as an industrial project aimed at the product and market diversification of Pedrollo S.p.a., a leading company in the production of electric pumps. The long experience of its designers together with the strong propensity for innovation and a natural tendency for investment has quickly led to the development of a full range of products whose high-quality standards are recognized and appreciated in more than 80 countries by major generator manufacturers. A fundamental characteristic of the company is the flexibility guaranteed by the strong vertical integration of production processes: the main components of our products, including coilers, die-cast components, shafts, electronic adjustments, and inverters, are made entirely at our facilities. It has always been part of Linz Electric's growth strategy to invest in staff training at all levels, in terms of strengthening both managerial and technical skills.