E2W10 220DC-K
E2W10 220DC-K

The E2W DC - K are DC welders/2 pole three-phase alternators with brushes and compound regulation.
It has been conceived for all those applications where a three-phase generator and a direct current welder, compatible with the most common diameters of rutile, basic, cellulosic and inox electrodes, capable of providing a professional welding quality are required.

220 and 300 Adc are available.

  • Welding perfection
  • High duty cycle
  • High starting capacity
  • Type: WELDERS
  • Series: E2W DC-K - 2 poles
  • Poles: 2
  • Phases: Three-phase
  • Power kVA 50Hz: 9
  • Power kVA 60Hz: 11
  • Regulation: COMPOUND
  • Current type: Direct
  • Current: 220Adc
  • Application: WELDING
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