E1W13M/4 300DC
E1W13M/4 300DC

E1W13/4 DC series are 4 poles brushless alternators and Direct Current welders. These machines are provided with the electronic regulator that, when used as an alternator, set the output voltage and when used as a welder controls electonically the output current.

200, 250 and 300Adc are available.

  • Welding perfection
  • High duty cycle
  • Alternator/welder with AVR
  • Type: WELDERS
  • Series: E1W13/4 DC - 4 poles
  • Poles: 4
  • Phases: Three-phase
  • Power kVA 50Hz: 8
  • Power kVA 60Hz: 9,6
  • Regulation: AVR
  • Current type: Direct
  • Current: 300Adc
  • Application: WELDING
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