18 February 2020
PHASE 9: the ultimate solution for DC generation in Hybrid systems

Recent years have brought important changes to the manufacturing of power generation equipment and lighting towers. It is a new era that focuses on increasing the use of ecological and sustainable solutions.

Everyone has seen this sector shifting towards more efficient systems that has led to a rapid increase of LED applications, to the rise of Lithium-Ion batteries based solutions and to the implementation of hybrid systems in many different applications.

To lead these major changes, Linz Electric has developed Phase 9, a comprehensive line of 9-phase DC alternators for use in hybrid systems covering various applications, and for charging all types of batteries available on the market.

Phase 9 is available in different DC voltages and thanks to a special Electronic regulator, it offers high control flexibility over the output voltage and/or it can be connected to an external controller to manage different parameters of current, voltage and time.

Key Features:

  • Top dependability and durability
  • Optimization of the battery charging process
  • Ultra-low ripple effect
  • Flexibility and adaptability to many applications,
  • High Efficiency
  • Variable speed
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