06 June 2018
New PRO-DG series with Digital Regulator

Linz Electric’s mission is to create the best possible rotating electric machines. We carry out this mission every day in our factories in Italy, combining intense focus on absolute quality with a bold drive for technological innovation.

This is the spirit with which Linz Electric today presents a new prodigy in the alternator sector: the new PRO-DG series!

The quality, efficiency and proverbial reliability of the PRO alternator series now forcefully enter the digital area, in partnership with the extremely innovative features of the Linz-DR30 device. This is not only a digital regulator: it is also an authentic digital core ready and able to transmit all its data in real time via a simple app in your smartphone.

The Linz–DR30 digital regulator, at the heart of the alternators in the PRO-DG series, will enable you to...

-          Monitor all the alternator’s parameters

-          Endow the machine with a high pickup capacity, making the PRO-DG series outstandingly suitable for handling high power loads

-          Always guarantee performance, even with single-phase loads that are highly distorting and unbalanced

-          Confer absolute voltage precision with a deviation of less than +/- 0.5%

-          Guarantee reliability and durability thanks to the use of latest-generation IGBT components

Digital innovation also involves providing the PRO-DG machines with the “intelligence” to be able to converse with the external world using various different technologies:

o   A historical data memory which the APP can read using a smartphone equipped with NFC reader, even when the group is turned off or damaged

o   Bluetooth Connection – the App will be able to carry out some diagnostic tests, and read and modify some parameters and protection thresholds.

o   Telecontrol via Bluetooth – In this mode, the smartphone acts as a bridge with a cloud server, and so gives the Linz Electric operator the ability to read and modify parameters remotely and in real time.  

o   24-hour remote telecontrol monitoring – enables continuous monitoring and visualising of card data, plus the possibility of emitting warnings in case of error.

Making meaningful progress means making the impossible possible and creating advantages that were unthinkable until yesterday: today, Linz Electric’s PRO-DG alternators make it possible to monitor the machines and reset them without having to disconnect the digital regulator, and to put them in direct contact with Linz Electric’s assistance. A prodigy? Yes... that’s the Linz Electric PRO-DG alternator series, and that’s our mission: to create “only” the best rotating electric machinery, in order to make a decisive contribution to our development and to that of our customers.

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