14 April 2010
Linz Electric's alternators, a growing success for SPE - E1E series

In any house or office building nowadays you can find many hi-tech appliances and electronic devices, friendly and smart but frail and sensitive, because they need an accurate power supply protected from voltage surges. To comply with this increasing need of our customers, we at Linz Electric have improved and refined the single-phase, two-poles synchronous alternators of the SPE-E1E series, with brushes, electronic regulation and a low harmonic distortion winding (3000 Rpm - 50 Hz / 3600 Rpm - 60 Hz), whose range of power, from 3.5 up to 18 kVA, can easily cover any user’s requirements.
For Linz Electric SPE-E1E series alternators have proved to be a real success item: they are manufactured using state-of-the-art automatic winding machinery and they are produced by the thousands, always guaranteeing a constant top quality to the consumer. You can find all the technical features about SPE-E1E in the data sheet available at this link:

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