26 October 2020
Why “COMPATTO” is the best alternator for use in limited spaces and harsh conditions

There are many applications where the space available for the generator is limited, hence compact size is a crucial key factor. These enclosed environments often are characterized by high temperatures, humidity and the presence of dust or other aggressive conditions as in the case of marine surroundings.

The Compatto series was created to meet these particular needs, and it is consisting of single-phase and three-phase synchronous alternators, brushless, 4 poles with exciter and electronic regulation, available in various powers from 6 to 25kVA @ 50Hz (from 8 to 30kVA @ 60Hz).

This series has been designed for use in continuous service applications focusing on the criteria of compactness and high reliability of the solutions and materials.

The main features are:

• extreme compactness for applications in confinedspaces

• tropicalization process and protective extra coating on all wound parts

• components resistant to high temperatures

• robust and reliable structure

• auxiliary winding and standard damping cage for all sizes

• quick and easy assembly


The Compatto series alternators are specially designed to power any type of load and particularly suitable for marine, railway and vehicle power generators, telecommunications and light towers.

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